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Tiger Woods: The Pursuit of Major Records

Can Tiger woods win more Majors or even beat Jacks record?
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The Ring of Kerry; Beautiful as they say or just blarney?

We decided this year that we wanted to visit the world famous Ring of Kerry in Southern Ireland as our family holiday. So we found a cottage online just outside a town called Kenmare on the southern tip of the ring.
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A golf trip to remember

For the last seven years a group of elite athletes and myself have ventured over the Channel to wreak golfing havoc in northern France.
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Belly Putters: A Gift from the golfing gods or the devil's work?

I had a really interesting conversation with one of my members about belly putters. The member is a very good low handicapper, has himself been through the 'yips', and has thankfully come out the other side. This was done without changing his traditional style - plus he's still managed to maintain his sense of humour - not easy when the trauma lasted a couple of years.
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