Belly Putters: A Gift from the golfing gods or the devil's work?

I had a really interesting conversation with one of my members about belly putters. The member is a very good low handicapper, has himself been through the 'yips', and has thankfully come out the other side. This was done without changing his traditional style - plus he's still managed to maintain his sense of humour - not easy when the trauma lasted a couple of years.

Belly Putter

He believes the belly putter should not only have been banned right from the outset by the R&A, but PGA professionals should not be endorsing a product which gives so much advantage to players, e.g. Adam Scott, a player who appeared to be lost in the wilderness until he changed to the belly option, and as a result (?) has since returned to the winners' circle.

However, I believe if belly putters do indeed give you a massive advantage, every golfer would be using one - even the traditionalists among us - which you might have guessed includes me. It’s also important to remember who the best putter in the world is - Luke Donald - not only does he putt in style, he putts in a traditional style.

However, in my opinion amateurs looking improve their game - whether it is 10 yards further off the tee, better bunker shots, or a few less putts - should be encouraged to seek anything to assist them.

We play this game for many reasons but lest we forget the main reason is it's fun!

I think the top echelons of the amateur game and the professional ranks should be restricted from using belly putters, but not your average Joe who vents his anger on the narrow fairways every Saturday morning.

As for the PGA professional offering the belly putter for sale in his shop; surely it is our duty to offer our members the latest and greatest, whether it is the next TaylorMade R29, or the new electric trolley from Motocaddy. If we didn’t, not only would golf be a less interesting sport, but pros would be poorer and we would all have less fun - and no one wants that, do they?

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