Client Testimonials

As a Senior golfer who has always assumed that I was too old to improve my golf, I am very pleased to say that after an hours tuition with Andrew I find that I am definitely hitting the ball with more consistency than I have done in the past. Andrew's whole method of teaching and his personal manner during the tuition was very much appreciated.

J. North

I have had several golf lessons with Andy Wild and have found them extremly helpful,he is a very competent and experienced teacher and makes it fun to learn.I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any potential golfer whether they be a beginner or a more experienced player.

C. New

30 years after Andy taught me to swing a club for the 1st time, I went back to him desperate to give me that magic ingredient - consistency. 2 Sessions later, my ball striking, flight and direction are the best they've been for a number of years. I won't leave it so long from now on.....

L. Moore

I would like to make a few comments on Andrews coaching, I have only had about 2 hours of lessons but the changes he has made for me to improve my swing has been fantastic, I get sent images after every lesson on the changes and it's great to actually see them yourself. He talks to you very clearly and honestly which I like, and always asks for feedback on his ideas and methods, and when I am down the range he always makes time to come and have a chat on how things are going, I am looking forward to improving my game through Andrew and practicing his ways! I would recommend Andrew to any golfer!

M. McConnon

To all golfers with the desire to improve their game they could hardly do better than a session with Andy Wild! I was really down in the dumps with my game & close to giving up when out of the blue I received an E-mail from Leaderboard Golf offering a one hour lesson with Andy supported with a video & critique of certain areas of my game that given regular practice - possible at virtually anytime, any place, would make an impact to my game. It was so simple that my wife - a non golfer - could see the improvement I was making and of course it worked on the golf course!!! Thank you Andy keep helping the needy, I feel I should say, "But not members of my Club"

A. Sexton

Andy is an excellent Coach. His teaching methods are simple, concise and highly effective - he does not over-complicate things. I have been golfing for over 20 years and play off an 11 handicap, I have worked with a number of professionals over the years, but I can honestly say that working with Andy is a pleasure and more to the point, my golf has improved significantly!

E. Bonnett

The group sessions have been great fun. We all received individual attention throughout the sessions and received follow up notes by e-mail the next day. Andrew was so patient and encouraging and made the lessons very enjoyable. We were encouraged to practice at the driving range and I soon felt comfortable going there on my own

L. Harris

I have been playing golf for over 30 years but although I have had many lessons my game remained inconsistent. After just one lesson with your good self my game has improved immensely .My scores have improved from 100 to 80 in just a few games thanks to your tuition . Good luck with the new web site ,and hope to see you in the near future

G. Roberts

What a golf lesson last night. Anyone looking to take up golf or need a good teacher, then look no further than Andrew Wild . I can’t recommended him enough, over the years I have had my fair share of coaches, but Andy just make it so so simple, a brilliant brilliant coach. If anyone wants to improve their golf then he's your man.

C. Hayes

The short game session was an invaluable help to improving my overall game and a hugely enjoyable experience. Putting, chipping, and bunker play are better learned out on the course with an experienced tutor able to pick up on and fine tune individual requirements and Andrew was an expert coach and host for the day

B. Worrall

I can thoroughly recommend Andy's Short Game Masterclass, which had all the elements that you need to improve a key area of the game. The putting drills were varied and could be replicated on any practice green, and chipping was made simple, yet very effective. Andy stressed that shots from the sand were actually the easiest of all to play, despite the average golfer fearing bunkers more than most parts of the course. I can testify that, with Andy's tuition, this is a part of my game that I feel far more confident with, and the results have been extremely positive. Finally, the pitching exercise was a natural progression from chipping and bunker shots. The 3 hours flew by, with Andy's relaxed and personal style helping us to feel that major improvements were just around the corner. I am very pleased to say that they were.

M. Balchin